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Whisky-honeymoon PART 3 – tasting Highland Park Valkyrie and Rebus30 10 year old

Dear friends and followers alike! Today I bring you PART 3 of my "Whisky-honeymoon" (sharing the whisky-related adventures that took place during the honeymoon me and my wife had in the beginning of this summer). For part one please click here . And yes, you are correct in noticing that part two, our visit to Bowmore Distillery has so far not yet been published, simmer down, it will come later (strangely enough, not very chronological ;) ).
Anyways, as you might remember from part one, before going to Islay my wife and I spent one night in Glasgow, and it...

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The launch of Highland Park Single Cask no.3429 for Viking Line Cinderella!!!

Dear friends and followers alike! Three weeks ago (Friday the 22nd of september) I attended the launch event of the second Highland Park single cask for Viking Line (that is, the second single cask for Viking Line since the new SC-series started in 2016), also referred to as Viking Line Batch 2. But before we get into all the details of this particular whisky, and my tasting notes and thoughts about it, let’s start from the beginning ☺
On the 17th of juli, Dave Francis (Global Brand Ambassador for Edrington Travel Retail), announced on the FB-page ’Highland Park Appreciation Society’...

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Whisky-honeymoon PART 1 – visiting Laphroaig Distillery!

Dear friends and followers alike! I’m back from my summer vacation and a little time off from blogging. As some of you might remember me and my wife got married last fall. But why am I telling you this? Because we started our summer vacation with a little honeymoon, a ten days trip to UK and Scotland that of course entailed some really nice whisky-related adventures which I’ll share with you in a three part picture-driven blog-post! Today I bring you PART 1 in which I’ll tell you about our visit to Laphroaig Distillery . In PART 2 I’ll tell...

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Single Cask Bowmore Laphroaig bottled by Cooper’s Choice!

Dear friends and followers, big thanks for stopping by! A couple of weeks ago I received a package from the nice people at Symposion , from this package I have chosen to review a Bowmore and a Laphroaig, which is a perfect fit taking in consideration that I very recently visited these to distilleries as a part of my honeymoon (a blogpost on that topic will follow in a couple of days). Anyways, both are single casks bottled by Cooper's Choice. Here in Sweden they are released tomorrow
The 16 year old Bowmore is from bourbon cask no.223 which gave...

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Highland Queen x4 – two blended and two single malts

Dear friends and followers, big thanks for stopping by and staying tuned! A couple of weeks ago I received some samples from the importer and distributor Clydesdale . Four of the samples are whisky from the quite newly revived brand "Highland Queen"! Please do feel free to read all about its history and their huge portfolio here
A whole bunch of these Highland Queens are available at the Swedish state monopoly, and you can view them here .
The first two are blended scotch and the last two are single malts. Ok, here we go!
copyright clydesdale.se
HQ Nose...

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Swedish Whisky from Smögen – Sherry Project 2:1 Sherry Octaves 4yo 53,6% ABV

Dear friends and followers alike! When working the Beer & Whisky-festival in Gothenburg in late mars I ran into Pär Caldenby, the distillery manager/master distiller of swedish west coast distillery Smögen . To my great joy he was very keen on sharing a sample of the first release in his second series on the influence of sherry cask maturation, rightfully named Sherry Project 2:1.
This first release in this new series consists of a vatting of 18 so called Octaves (50 litre casks) that previously were used to mature (oloroso) sherry. The Octaves are made from american white oak and...

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Swedish Whisky from Hven – Alioth 45% ABV

Friends and followers alike! Today is World Whisky Day and what better way for me as a swedish blogger to celebrate this than to review a swedish whisky?! This time around it's time for the latest release from swedish Hven Distillery , I received this very nice and good looking sample bottle a couple of weeks ago and now it's finally the right time to try it. In fact, I am very glad to have been invited to the release event on site, but very sad not to be able to go (unfortunately it's hard for me to make it...

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Swedish Whisky bottled by Bergslagens Distillery – Sherry Darling Lightly Peated 5yo 58% ABV

Dear friends and followers alike! Once again I was fortunate enough to receive a package from the people at Bergslagens Distillery . This time the label states: "Sherry Darling Aged 5 years sherry casks lightly peated". This is the second release in a series of three (please feel free to read my thoughts on the first release in the series here ). 
Just as I wrote in the post of the first release in this series, and as you all know by now, this whisky has not been produced or distilled by Bergslagen Distillery but it was distilled at the (now...

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Springbank 11 yo – Local Barley 53,1% ABV

Dear friends and followers alike, a couple of weeks ago I received a package of different samples from the nice people of Symposion ! The sample that I will share my notes on with you all is Springbank "Local Barley". But first some info on Springbank Distillery . From the handout/info I received I read:
"There are a few Scottish distilleries that still malt their own barley but Springbank is the only distillery which malts 100% of its own barley, using the traditional floor maltings. The whole production process: malting, milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling, happens on the...

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Swedish whisky from Box Distillery – 2nd Step Collection 03 51,3% ABV

Dear friends and followers! Today I received a sample from the nice and sharing people at Box Distillery so once again it is time for me to share my thoughts on yet another swedish whisky! The sample contains the concluding and third part in their series entitled 2nd Step Collection. The information I have received states that the whisky has been predominantly matured in first fill bourbon casks, in fact 76% of the whisky has been matured in first fill bourbon casks. 19% has been matured in american virgin oak and finally 5% in virgin hungarian oak. The peating level...

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Swedish Whisky bottled by Bergslagens Distillery – Sherry Darling 5yo 58% ABV

Dear friends and followers! To my immense joy, I received a package last friday which turned out to contain a sample from Bergslagens Distillery ! The label declares "Sherry Darling Aged 5 years, sherry casks". This is the first release in a series of three (the other two being "Sherry Darling lightly Peated" and "Sherry Darling Peated").
The pressrelease that I received states that this first release has been produced by blending circa/roughly ten 50 litre sherry casks together. There is no mention either of type of sherry (but I'm guessing Oloroso) or of what kind of oak (european or...

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Swedish Whisky from Smögen – Triple 5 yo 54% ABV

Dear friends and followers! About one and a half week ago, I spent my time working for Edrington at the Linköping Whiskyexpo which was great fun as usual. What was also very fun was that I passed by the stand of swedish west coast distillery Smögen to have a quick chat with the distillery manager/master distiller Pär Caldenby. So what was the purpose with the quick chat? Well, it was of course to see if Pär had anything special up his sleeve for me to review! So, did he? Oh yes indeed, I was very lucky to collect a sample...

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Highland Park – FIRE 15yo 45,2% ABV

Friends and followers! Last weekend I had the great pleasure to once again work the Linköping Whiskyexpo for Edrington. This means taking care of Highland Park (among many other great whiskies in the Edrington portfolio). The first thing I noticed when I arrived to the festival was that we had Highland Park FIRE in the stand! Now, since FIRE has not yet been launched and released here in Sweden, working at the festival was a great opportunity for me to try it before the release. And of course I grasped that opportunity, and I'm very thankful that the nice people...

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Svenska Eldvatten – Sherry Cask Collection Single Cask 01

Dear friends and followers! When working at the Borlänge Beer and Whiskyfestival in november last year, I passed by the stand of swedish indendent bottlers Svenska Eldvatten (Swedish Firewater) to have a chat with Peter and Tommy. Of course I was very keen on finding out if there was any new release coming up shortly that they wanted me to review. And indeed they did have something for me, something very special; the first release in their new series called Sherry Cask Collection. All bottlings in the series will be from different single sherry casks, and of course, always bottled...

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Glenfiddich - IPA Experiment 43% ABV

Dear friends and followers! In the beginning of november, Glenfiddich contacted me with info about a coming release, namely their "IPA Experiment". This whisky is the first one in their new "experimental series". The whisky (no age declared) has been finished in american oak barrels that previously held a Speyside IPA created especially for this end, that is, to give flavours to the casks. The IPA has been in the casks for 4 weeks and the whisky has in turn had a 12 week finish in the casks. 
For more info on the process and on this first whisky in...

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Swedish whisky from Box – Dálvve 46% ABV

Dear friends and followers! Yesterday I was very lucky to receive a package containing something very exciting, a sample of the first ”core range”/signature Maltwhisky from the swedish distillery Box ! So far, they have focused on releasing various (very high quality) limited editions. Since the distillery is quite young indeed, it is understandable that these limited editions have not been very big releases in terms of number of bottles. 
However, when I visited Box Distillery about 1,5 years ago ( read all about it here ), they mentioned that they soon will release a core range whisky. And...

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Highland Park Single Cask 6403 and 2121 for Sweden only!!!

Dear friends and followers, today, to my big surprise, I received a mystery package from a mystery sender! I was indescribably happy when I discovered that the package contained the two coming releases of Single Cask Highland Park , for Sweden only! It also contained a nice little info-card. When I recently had the great honor and pleasure to visit Highland Park distillery (read all about it here ) I was told about these two single casks and that they would soon be released, so as you all can understand it is a great satisfaction to finally be able to...

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Laphroaig Lore 48% ABV!

Dear friends and followers!
Before the summer, I was very lucky to receive a small package from the very nice people at Edrington here in Sweden. I opened it and to my great joy and excitement the package seemed to contain a leather-bound book of some sort! 
I opened the book and this is what first met my eyes 
I turned the first page and this is what I found
Yes! A miniature sample of the new Laphroaig Lore
Now, as you all might understand, the word “Lore” kind of draws on something like folk-lore. And in this case the...

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My journey to Highland Park Distillery!

Friends and followers! As some of you might have understood from a post on my FB-page  I recently experienced a fantastic journey to the Orkney Islands. More precisely the destination was the little town of Kirkwall (sort of the capitol of the Orkney Islands) and even more precisely: The Highland Park Distillery ! But what was the background for this trip? How did it come about? Well, as you all know I’ve been working the whiskyfestivals and fairs for Edrington since 2012, mostly taking care of my favourite brands Connemara and Laphroaig. 
During the last night of this years festival...

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Highland Park – ICE 17 yo 53,9% ABV

Friends and followers! Two months ago (the 10th of mars) I was very fortunate and lucky to attend the release event of Highland Park ICE at the Edrington head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden! I think you can all imagine that I was pretty excited to be one of the first people in Sweden, in the good company of other bloggers, whiskywriters, connoisseurs and guests, to try a new whisky from Highland Park Distillery !
When we entered the tasting room a beautifully decorated table met our eyes. 
Especially cool was, standing at the back of the room, the visually attracting...

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