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3 Whiskey Popsicles to Keep on Ice

Frozen treats are among the most nostalgic of summer eats—cool, refreshing, and suddenly sticky for those who dare to dawdle. But ice pops aren’t just for kids from the hands of Brooklyn freezemeisters People’s Pops . “We are the grand masters of boozy pops,” declares co-founder Joel Horowitz. Taking their inspiration from seasonal farmers’ markets and savory cocktails, People’s Pops offers inventive icy treats, many designed for legal drinking age lickers.

“When you freeze things you lose the flavor, so you need heightened flavors before you freeze, which makes whiskey, especially younger whiskeys, perfect for a pop,” says Horowitz, who...

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Smooth Ambler Big Level, Old Carter Rye More New Whisky

Memorial Day is on Monday, maj 28, and if you’re looking to show your support of our nation’s armed services through whisky, look into some of the distilleries founded and run by veterans . You maj just find your new favorite bourbon, rye, or corn whiskey.

Or check out this week’s newest whiskies. Smooth Ambler has unveiled Big Level, a 5 year old wheated bourbon made entirely at the West Virginia Distllery. Smooth Ambler had previously released a wheater, and this whiskey is made with the same mashbill, process, and barrels, but, according to director of sales John Foster, the...

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Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Whisky Will Cost $10,000

Wedding bells will ring across the Atlantic and beyond as Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle this Saturday, maj 19 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. As with any nuptials, the Royal Wedding 2018 calls for a toast, and scotch whisky blender  Royal Salute is releasing a limited edition whisky just for the occasion. Never mind that the ceremony starts at 7 a.m. EST, put on your best Burberry, grab your finest glassware, and prepare for regality.

Only 70 bottles of Royal Salute’s Royal Wedding Edition have been created, with the married couple receiving one as a gift. Those remaining are each...

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Macallan Breaks Auction Record with Million Dollar Whisky

With a bid of HK$8,636,250 (approx. $1.1 million), Macallan have retaken the title of the world’s most expensive standard sized bottle of whisky sold at auction. The bottle of Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60 year old was sold at Bonhams, Hong Kong on maj 18, 2018 shattering the existing record set by Yamazaki 50 year old in januari. The bidder, with paddle number 666, set a new record hammer price of HK$7.05million (Bonhams add a 22.5% buyer’s premium) considerably higher than the HK$3.6 – 4.5 million estimate. This is a staggering 371% higher than the previous record set at Sotheby’s,...

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How to Make Your Own Cocktail Cherries

When you’re discerning about whisky, bitters, and other cocktail ingredients, the last thing you want to do is ruin a Manhattan by adding an overly sweet, Day-Glo red maraschino cherry. High-fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring and flavoring have no place in a well-crafted drink.

Many premium cocktail cherries, like Luxardo, can be bought off the shelf at a significant price. But there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on a great garnish. Making your own cherries is about as easy as making preserves, says Gates Otsuji, a bartender and co-founder of cocktail mixer company Swig +...

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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Absinthe

Absinthe, a high-proof anise-flavored spirit, maj have the naughtiest reputation in the spirits world. Its mere mention evokes images of seductive green fairies, bursts of artistic creativity, and blithe stupors. A century-long ban will do that to a spirit’s good name.

Blamed for a slew of social ills, from madness to murder to mere lollygagging, absinthe became one of the first victims of the temperance movement. The charges were largely trumped up. Nevertheless, the U.S. and most of Europe banned its sale and manufacture by 1915. So when the spirit, ostensibly of Swiss origin but made popular in fin de...

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How One Blender Works With Both Peated and Unpeated Scotch


BenRiach Distillery makes both peated and unpeated single Maltwhisky, which gives master blender Rachel Barrie a lot of options for putting together different expressions. Here she explains how using Speyside peat to dry locally grown barley, then distilling the grain with local water creates a terroir-driven style for BenRiach Curiositas. Compare that whisky with BenRiach 10 year old: Barrie describes both as having rich fruit flavors, but the 10 year old tastes like orchard fruit—apples and pears—while Curiositas has more forest fruit. Do a side-by-side comparison for yourself—do you taste the difference?

The post How One Blender Works...

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The Poet Whose Muse Is Whisky

Many writers have found inspiration in a bottle of good whisky: Mark Twain, James Joyce, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, and numerous others. Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, wrote dozens of works that mention or focus on whisky, including “ Scotch Drink ” and the humorously metaphorical “ John Barleycorn .”

Joining the literary greats in using the water of life as a muse, Sara Robinson of Charlottesville, Virginia has been writing poetry about whisky for nearly a decade, though she came late to the craft after a career in the chemical and mineral processing industry. “I was writing articles in...

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8 Whisky and Cookie Pairings

The classic match-up for cookies maj be a cool glass of milk—but who wants milk when you can have whisky? Just as there’s a different style of whisky to suit every person’s taste, various cookies also have a perfect flavor match.

“Whisky and cookies are an ideal pairing,” says Morgan Kirchner, whiskey advisor for Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C. “Cookies, like whisky, are a marriage of simple ingredients that come together to make an incredibly delicious snack. Aside from the fact that they share multiple aromatic and flavor profiles, cookies are comforting and homey, as is a lot...

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Uncut Unfiltered: Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce Russell of Wild Turkey


Working together with your dad—or grandfather—can have its ups and downs. But when that work is making whiskey, and the distillery is Wild Turkey , there’s a lot to enjoy. Jimmy Russell has served as master distiller at Wild Turkey for over 60 years; his son Eddie has worked alongside him since the early 1980s; and now Eddie’s son Bruce is coming up in the business. The three Russells sat down to share memories and stories about making whiskey, (occasionally) butting heads, and building a legacy that now spans multiple generations.

The post Uncut & Unfiltered: Jimmy, Eddie, and...

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Balvenie Peat Week, WhistlePig Farmstock More New Whisky

This week’s newest whiskies come from Scotland, Kentucky, Indiana, Ireland, and beyond.

Balvenie is releasing this year’s batch of Peat Week 14 year old. Vintage-dated to 2003, the peated whisky will be quite available—36,000 bottles are destined for the U.S. market—and will cost $99. If you’re wondering why Balvenie, a typically unpeated Speyside single malt, would make a peated version,  find out the answer from the man who makes it, David Stewart .

Another whiskey that’s coming back for the second year in a row, WhistlePig Farmstock Crop 002 is now hitting shelves. The blend includes ryes sourced from MGP...

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High West Is Making a Big Change to Double Rye

High West Distillery is making a major change to one of its core whiskeys, Double Rye. Previously a blend of 2 year old rye from Indiana’s MGP Distillery and 16 year old rye from Kentucky’s Barton 1792 Distillery, Double Rye will now include a portion of High West’s own rye, made in Utah. The exact proportion of whiskeys isn’t being disclosed, but master distiller Brendan Coyle says the house-made whiskey is a minority of the blend and ranges in age from 4 to 7 years old. “We have some fairly complex, intricate blending recipes; the High West component that is...

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Heaven’s Door, Rare Maker’s Mark More New Whisky

Tomorrow is the 2018 Kentucky Derby, the biggest day in horse-racing and a pretty great excuse to pull out your favorite bourbon for a Mint Julep or two —or even to throw a whole party centered around the most exciting two minutes in sports.

But if that’s not your thing, there’s plenty more to get excited about this week, with new releases from Maker’s Mark , Jefferson’s , and even Bob Dylan . In fact, the acclaimed folk musician and Nobel Prize winner is rolling out a brand new line of bourbon, whiskey, and rye called Heaven’s Door . (If...

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How to Make Whisky Infusions

Want to add unique flavors to your favorite cocktails without a lot of effort or money? Try making an infused whisky. It’s ridiculously easy and instantly transforms the old and familiar into something exciting and new.

“Whisky is almost an infusion already, because it starts off as clear spirit and is then essentially infused with wood in the barrel,” says Adam Seger, chef and bartender at The Tuck Room LA . “That nice, rich vanilla base opens up a whole host of additional items you can infuse.” Think of Manhattans made with cherry-infused bourbon and orange-infused rye Old Fashioneds—and then...

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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Port

On the surface, port seems to have little in common with whisky. The former is made from fermented grapes and is notably sweet, while the latter is distilled from grain and sports more than twice as much alcohol. However, as a red wine fortified with distilled spirit, port pairs well with many of whisky’s flavorful kindred companions—cigars, cheese, and red meat, for instance. With its legendary power and flavor intensity, port makes a wonderful diversion, certain to please both the wine and the spirits lovers gathered around your holiday table.

Made from a handful of indigenous red grape varieties in...

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Meet the French Winemaker Who Loves Whisky

Olivier Humbrecht, the owner and winemaker of the renowned Domaine Zind-Humbrecht in Alsace, knows a thing or two about taste. Many of his wines have scored over 95 in Wine Spectator, and the 2001 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Alsace Clos Windsbuhl Sélection des Grains Nobles earned a coveted 100 points in 2004. With such a well-honed and refined taste in wine, it’s no wonder that the boisterous and friendly Frenchman also loves whisky—specifically Scotch single malts—which he collects with a passion.

Short weekend trips through the Highlands with his Scottish wife inculcated Humbrecht’s love of scotch. “I developed a taste for it...

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