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Manchester United Is Getting Its Own Special Chivas Regal

Championship celebrations often call for beer and champagne (and goggles), but for the 50th anniversary of a legendary soccer win, Chivas Regal is rolling out a highly collectible and rare whisky. Chivas The Icon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition will commemorate Manchester United’s 1968 European Cup victory, in which they became the first English club to take the tournament, beating Benfica 4 goals to 1. The whisky, a special blend for the brand, will be bottled at 43% and is the oldest Chivas ever released.

The limited-edition whiskey will consist of only four bottles, one for each United goal scored, each...

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Pie-Inspired Whisky Cocktails Make A Perfect Dessert

It’s officially pie season—when we highlight the best flavors of fall by mixing fruits or nuts with spices and baking it all between buttery, flaky crusts. These same flavors work surprisingly well mixed with whisky and served in a glass.

“The flavors from pies are great inspirations for drinks such as the Old-Fashioned because bourbon extracts a lot of nuances from the wood barrels, such as spice notes, vanilla, caramel, and dried fruits,” says Pamela Wiznitzer, creative director at New York City’s Seamstress bar.

Here, four popular pies—apple crumb, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato—inspire cocktails that are balanced, never sweet,...

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10 Highest-Scoring Whiskies From the Fall 2018 Buying Guide

There’s something for everyone in the ten highest-scoring whiskies from our Fall 2018 Buying Guide, which covers new releases and old favorites from Scotland, the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Japan, and beyond. If you’ve got plenty of money to spend, then go for the very old stuff: Dalmore 45 year old, Canadian Club 41 year old, Royal Salute 28 year old, or Gelston’s 25 year old Irish single malt. Feeling less flush? Try the latest Booker’s  bourbon, Knob Creek Cask Strength rye, a new whisky from Forty Creek , and the newest Noble Collection release from Crown Royal . If you’re...

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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Vermouth

Remember a time when devotees of the Manhattan had few options when it came to choosing a vermouth to stir with their whiskey? An era when Martinis were mixed so dry that it mattered little what was misted on top? Vermouth, a wine fortified with distilled spirits, was once a sleepy mixer gathering dust on the shelf. Thanks to the rebirth of cocktail culture, those days are over.

More Than Manhattans: Try These Whisky-Vermouth Cocktails

Born in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy in the 16th century or even earlier, vermouth was originally used to make medicinal herbs more palatable....

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Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection More New Whisky

There’s a new whisky for just about every taste this week, from bourbon and Tennessee whiskey to an array of peated and non-peated scotches.

Jack Daniel’s is rolling out its latest single barrel, a limited-edition whiskey that was aged in so-called “heritage” barrels made in a 19th-century style with more toasting and a lighter char. Priced at $65 a bottle, just 200 barrels are being bottled.

Woodford Reserve has announced plans to release not one, but two Master’s Collection whiskeys this year: Select American Oak, a bourbon aged in Ozark oak barrels, and Oat Grain, a bourbon made with—you guessed...

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8 Cocktail Picks For the Stylish Drinker

The cocktail pick serves an important purpose, keeping fingers dry while plucking a plump cherry from a Manhattan or fishing a twist from the depths of an Old-Fashioned. Sure, a wooden toothpick could do the job. But why not impress your guests by spearing some fruit with style? Whether you choose a cheeky plastic pick or a satin sterling silver spike, crafted like fine jewelry, the only thing you’ll wet is your whistle.

Him and Her Pic in sterling silver —$120/pair

The perfect wedding present for your whisky-loving friends who have enough whisky.

Celtic Martini Pick in Pennsylvania cherrywood —$5...

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The Denver Craft Whiskey Trail

Denver began as a mining town in 1858 with a whisper that gold had been found in the Rocky Mountains. Prospectors and fortune-hunters set up tents and shacks on the banks of the Platte river, and in their wake came entrepreneurs—gamblers, prostitutes, and saloonkeepers—ready to help “mine” the miners of whatever they might find. Though not much gold was found, there was plenty of whiskey to help wash away their troubles.

160 years later, Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and the residents have not lost their taste for whiskey and other spirits. Craft...

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Conor McGregor’s Irish Whiskey, New Kavalan More New Releases

The biggest whiskey release news of the week was Buffalo Trace’s unveiling of its 2018 Antique Collection , including the surprise twist that Eagle Rare 17 year old is getting a higher proof this year. The bourbons and ryes in the collection will also have a slightly higher recommended retail price—although longtime fans will know that usually has no impact on the actual asking price in the store.

If you’re in search of more readily available, and affordable, whiskies, there are plenty to choose from, hitting shelves very soon. First up, a celebrity whiskey for MMA fans: fighter Conor McGregor...

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New Whisky Books to Add to Your Fall Reading List

There’s a whisky to suit every palate these days—and for those who like to read with a dram in hand, a whisky book to match. If you’re looking for new pages to turn, check out these recent and upcoming new whisky books, covering everything from single malt scotch, Japanese, and Australian whisky to moonshine and “whiskey hacks.”

Single Malt: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland By Clay Risen

Following up on his widely acclaimed 2013 title “American Whiskey, Bourbon, and Rye,” Clay Risen delivers a definitive resource for lovers of single malt scotch. Written for an American audience, with...

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Top Tips for Visiting a Scotch Distillery

For the casual drinker and collector alike, it’s high time to visit one of Scotland’s many distilleries. More than 70 Scotch whisky distilleries now offer visitor tours—some even give you a choice of four or five different experiences. So many tours, so little time! Don’t panic: it maj seem bewildering at first, but there are key strategies to making the most of your visit.

If it’s your first time touring a scotch distillery, let your favorite dram guide your choice of where to visit. Nothing beats that incredible feeling of standing in the place where the whisky you first fell...

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Buffalo Trace’s 2018 Antique Collection Announced

Buffalo Trace Distillery has released details of this year’s Antique Collection (also known as BTAC), hitting shelves in a few weeks. The five whiskeys—George T. Stagg bourbon, William Larue Weller bourbon, Eagle Rare 17 year old bourbon, Thomas H. Handy Sazerac rye, and Sazerac 18 year old rye—remain the same in almost every way, other than (for some) proof. This year, however, marks a significant change for Eagle Rare 17, whose proof—previously 45% ABV—will bump up to 50.5% ABV, which was the proof when the Eagle Rare brand debuted in 1974.

The suggested retail price per bottle for this year’s...

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Get Ready for a Fall Full of Whisky

It’s fall, and that means it’s whisky event season! Just because the year is starting to wind down doesn’t mean you have to do the same. In fact, there are a slew of great whisky events coming up in the last quarter of the year.

WhiskyFest San Francisco takes place on november 2 at the Marriott Marquis, and it’s shaping up to be the best yet. With hundreds of whiskies on offer, the choices will be endless—you literally cannot physically taste them all. So, develop a strategy. If you love scotch, plan your night around Speyside and Highland single malts,...

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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Apple Brandy

When you learned about the American folklore hero John Chapman, nom de pomme Johnny Appleseed, in grade school, they probably didn’t tell you he was propagating apple trees throughout the country to make cider and brandy, not for lunchbox snacks. Apple brandy, historically known as applejack, is America’s original spirit. Long before the birth of bourbon, colonial Americans used freeze distillation, a decidedly low-tech precursor to modern techniques, to preserve their apple harvest in liquid form. A century later, Robert Laird, a Revolutionary War soldier, gave his recipe for apple brandy to George Washington. Laird went on to found America’s...

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Get Ready to Bid Big at Fall Whisky Auctions

Where can you get ultra-rare whisky, a custom vintage-style roadster, and a trip to Scotland all in one? If you have the cash to lay down, then you’ll find this package at Christie’s auction house from september 25 through oktober 9. Valued at $150,000, the lot features the debut of Balvenie’s DCS Compendium Chapter Four, a bespoke Morgan V8 Roadster tricked out with Balvenie detailing on the interior, and an all-expenses trip to Balvenie Distillery in the heart of Speyside.

The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter Four is the second-to-last release in this series that celebrates the legacy of malt master...

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How to Pair Whisky and Charcuterie

Charcuterie has long been a staple of French cuisine, but the widespread embrace of nose-to-tail eating has led to new popularity for high-quality cured meats. Platters of charcuterie now appear on menus everywhere from neighborhood sports bars to white tablecloth restaurants.

Lindy Wildsmith, author of the cookbook and preserving manual Cured , suggests that our passion for cured meat runs much deeper than current culinary trends. “Salt has been an essential part of our diets for thousands of years and was a valuable commodity,” she says. “We love salt, we love fat a little less, but [they are] now beginning...

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Michael Cudlitz on Crafting the Perfect Whiskey Moment

Michael Cudlitz’s taste in whiskey is as all-American as his most memorable on-screen roles—fighters like Sergeant Denver “Bull” Randleman on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and Sergeant Abraham Ford from AMC’s The Walking Dead . We sat down with the avid whiskey fan and Long Island native at Porchlight in New York City to sip our way through a few of 2017’s best American whiskeys and find out what’s next for the actor following the gruesome death of his character on The Walking Dead , season 7.

Cudlitz is well cast as a sergeant; he’s even provided voiceovers for...

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