Amrut – Nectar of the Gods with Ashok Chockalingam

In a bust-up for the dubious honour of ‘most mysterious and least-known major whisky-producing nation’ it is, by my reckoning, a straight-up two-way tussle between India and Taiwan –  Japan and  England  having now backed away into relative repute and thus, safety.

And so it is that I leapt at the opportunity to fill one of the many gaping holes in my whisky knowledge and attend an Amrut tasting with famed brand ambassador Ashok Chokalingam.


So, Indian single Maltwhisky, huh?

The first thing to note, we are told, is that India has more distilleries than Scotland, and that the...

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Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Single Barrel Select – exclusive to The Whisky Exchange

American whiskey is on the up. While Irish whiskey maj be the fastest growing in the world, the USA is gaining ground as the connoisseurs choice. Whiskeys like the Van Winkle range are snapped up in seconds and appear at auction for thousands of pounds, but there are still loads of great-value special releases, many of which are now making their way to the UK. We’re very please to have grabbed one for ourselves – a single-barrel release of Eagle Rare 10 Year Old .

Eagle Rare is one of the many whiskeys produced by the folks at Buffalo Trace...

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New Signatory Edradour Exclusives – The Whisky Show 10th Anniversary

It’s a year for celebrating big anniversaries. Not only has legendary independent bottler Signatory Vintage just turned 30, but it was also the 10th instalment of The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show .

To begin the celebrations, Signatory has bottled some very special whiskies for The Whisky Show’s birthday – all exclusively available from The Whisky Exchange. We’ve worked with the team at Signatory for years, and have chosen sister casks of three of our favourite whiskies that we’ve released with them previously – a Clynelish , a Glenlivet and an Edradour .

You can find more on our Exclusive Signatory...

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Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2019 – The Winners

It’s that time again: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2019 is landing imminently and Jim’s picks of the world’s top whiskies are in.

After a few years of controversial choices, with Scotch whisky bouncing in and out of the top three, and Japanese and Canadian whisky making headlines around the world, we’re back to safer ground with the most traditional set of results since 2014.

To grab all the results you can grab your own copy of the bible from our website , but in the meantime…

The winner of Jim Murray’s award for 2019 World Whisky of the Year is:...

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Karuizawa – The Murasaki Geishas


At The Whisky Exchange, we are very fortunate to be able to bottle some of the world’s rarest and most exclusive whiskies. Joining those hallowed ranks today is a pair of new bottlings from majbe the world’s most sought-after distillery: Karuizawa. These are the next two in our Geishas range – Karuizawa 29 and 31 Year Old: The Murasaki Geishas .

Following on from the Emerald Geishas , launched earlier this year, the Murasaki – aka Imperial Purple for non-Japanese speakers – Geishas are a pair of extremely-limited edition sherry-matured-whiskies.

For more about Karuizawa, check out our introductory blog post...

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The Whisky Show 2018 Bottlings

Last weekend was one of our biggest of the year – The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show . 2018 is a particularly special year, as it marked the tenth edition of the show. Ten years have seen a lot of changes, and the show is now bigger and better than ever – head over to the website  or Tom’s blog post to see what went on.

The thing I look forward to most is the show bottlings. There are two reasons: 1) we choose some really excellent whiskies; and 2) I run the show bottlings stand.

It was a really busy...

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My First Whisky Show

Last weekend marked The Whisky Exchange’s 10 th annual Whisky Show . I went along for, rather shamefully, the first time – and had my preconceptions utterly annihilated.


InchDairnie’s Ian Palmer and Dave Broom manning a stand at the Future Trends Lab.

The first – perhaps point-of-this-post-defeating – statement I’d like to make, is that The Whisky Show 2018 was excellent fun. It would be easy to get bogged down in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the show; in analysis and deduction and to make grand, sweeping statements about the state of whisky today. There’s value in...

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The Whisky Show 2018 – a preview

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show is almost upon us! It’s our tenth show this year and we’re celebrating in style – we’ve got more whisky than ever before, bigger masterclasses, excellent show bottlings and even a guest spirit…

The Whisky


We’re still building the complete dram list (expect it on the Wednesday before the show, like every year – please stop asking me…) but we’ve broken the 650 mark and are still chasing up the final few bottles.

So far on the list we have whisky from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, India, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Switzerland,...

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Caroni 2000 17 Year Old – Exclusive to The Whisky Exchange

We’re very fortunate at The Whisky Exchange. Not only do we have one of the world’s widest ranges of great spirits, beers, wines and liqueurs, but we also work with the foremost independent bottlers and get the chance to share exclusive releases with our customers. Usually, those releases are whisky, but every now and again we get something a little out of the ordinary.

Introducing our latest Whisky Exchange exclusive – a single cask of Caroni 2000 , aged for 17 years in Trinidad.

What is Caroni?

If you don’t know Caroni , then worry not – you’re not alone....

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Cladach – Diageo Special Releases 2018 #10

It’s time to reveal the final bottle of the Diageo Special Releases 2018 Cladach .

What is Cladach


For the second year in a row, Diageo have dropped a secret bottle into the line-up, only revealing it on the day of the launch party. It’s a blended Maltwhisky.

While last year’s Collectivum XXVIII was a blend from all of Diageo’s operating Maltwhisky distilleries, Cladach is a bit more selective. The name means ‘coastline’ in gaelic and it was created using whisky from Diageo’s coastal distilleries: Inchgower , Clynelish , Talisker , Oban , Caol Ila and Lagavulin...

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South African Gin and Tonic

So, you love gin. We know how you feel – we’re partial to a G&T too. Or a Negroni, or a Martini…

And for gin lovers, the last 18 months have been fantastic – never before has the UK seen such a colossal variety of carefully crafted, tasty, often boutique-made gin. There is something, indeed, to suit every palate.

But what if we’re missing a trick? What if there’s more out there than the usual botanical blends (great though they are) and fruity Beefeater infusions ? What happens if you take all your botanicals from one particularly rich and diverse...

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Diageo Special Releases 2018 – First Look

This year’s Diageo Special Releases have been a bundle of surprises. First, they were announced months earlier than usual , popping up in april in an attempt to beat the annual internet leaks, and now we get to tell you about them a couple of weeks earlier than expected.


There is still one gap in the line-up – there are ten whiskies on the list year, but the tenth is staying a secret until 12 september, the day before they hit the street. We’ll be back then with more details of the final dram – and prices for the whole...

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Fettercairn – the relaunch

Fettercairn isn’t a well-known whisky. One of Whyte & Mackay’s single malts – along with Dalmore , Jura , Tamnavulin and Invergordon – it’s not received much love from the owners over the past few years. However, Whyte and Mackay has been doing some sprucing up of its whiskies: first Tamnavulin got its first official release in years – Tamnavulin Double Cask – then the Jura range had a complete makeover. Each time, I’ve asked whether it’s Fettercairn’s turn yet. The answer, as of this week, is yes – please welcome the new Fettercairn 12 Year Old .

Fettercairn Village...


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What food goes with vermouth?


[It’s Vermouth Month , and we’ve asked food and wine pairing expert Fiona Beckett to give us her thoughts on what we should be eating when drinking vermouth]

Vermouth has been the big drinks craze of 2018 so far – but if you want to take your enjoyment to the next level you should try it with food. Happily with its relatively modest alcohol content – like sherry, it’s often not much higher than a still wine – it’s a flexible partner for all kinds of dishes, as good a palate-sharpening aperitif as it is a stomach-settling digestif at the end...

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New Mortlach Range: a new Flora Fauna?

The past four years have been interesting for Mortlach . Once a little-known Speysider with a single official bottling and occasional independent releases, it was a whisky fan’s whisky. But back in early 2014, the Mortlach Flora & Fauna 16 Year Old disappeared and a new Mortlach range appeared. Fans were dismajed. But now it’s time for some new Mortlachs – the powers that be were listening.

The entire range is being redone. The new whiskies will be 12, 16 and 20 years old, with rough price points of £50, £80 and £200 respectively – and they’ll be 70cl bottles....

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Hendrick’s Orbium – the end of gin and tonic?

Gin and tonic saves lives. Or at least it did, back when malaria was rife and the powers that be needed to get quinine – one of the most effective anti-malarial substances on the planet – into the populace. Quinine, found in the bark of the cinchona (quina-quina) tree, is notoriously bitter, and it was only by instructing soldiers to mix it with soda water, sugar and gin that the British government could get troops stationed in India to stomach their medicine.


Cinchona bark. Tasty.

Mixing quinine with alcohol wasn’t, however, a British invention (although we do excel in making...

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Foursquare 2005 – ISC Supreme Champion Spirit 2018

Rum is often seen as a party drink. Drunk in cocktails, over ice, from a coconut, with Coke, on fire, with a slice of lime, from a plastic cup or while wearing a silly hat. And on the one hand, it is that: it’s fun and unlike a lot of fine spirits the producers are mostly happy with the image. But, for years we’ve also had rums hiding in the wings that are worth of competing with the finest spirits in the world. Last night, they took a firm step into the limelight – for the first time, a rum...

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Happy Daiquiri Day!

Happy Daiquiri Day! The humble Daiquiri is a classic rum cocktail and majbe the simplest one to make at home. But there’s much more to it than there might seem…

What is a Daiquiri?

At its core, a Daiquiri is a rum sour – a mix of rum, lime juice and sugar. Traditionally, you want a light, Cuban style rum and a mix of sweet and sour that will amplify its flavour rather than swamp it. The exact proportions are all down to the maker of the cocktail, and bartenders all have their own opinions – last time I put...

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Fruity whisky – The Whisky Agency and The Whisky Exchange

Our latest exclusive whisky releases are here! This time it’s a showcase of one our favourite styles of whisky: the fruit bomb. We’ve teamed up with German indie bottler The Whisky Agency to bring you a pair of fruity drams: one from Bowmore and one from an anonymous Irish distillery.

Bowmore 1998, 19 year old

While Bowmore isn’t that well-known for its fruity drams these days, step back a few decades and you’ve got stacks of fruity whisky. Bowmore from the 1960s is, quite rightly, the most famous, but more recent vintages have also seen the distillery start to reclaim its...

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World Cup Drinking – it’s coming home?

Football. The beautiful game. Or so I am told. I know nothing about sport, and the current World Cup fever has so far passed me by. However, I seem to be winning The Whisky Exchange HQ’s World Cup results prediction pool, and all of a sudden it’s become important to me how the competition turns out. And also, hidden deep beneath my cynical exterior is a modicum of national pride, and the potential of an England team reaching the World Cup final might even inspire me to watch a whole match. If I do, I will no doubt need some...

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Online Whisky People!

Gå med nu, det är gratis!


TasteNote är en mötesplats för whisky-intresserade. Här kan du träffa nya vänner, läsa om whiskynyheter, hitta olika whisky-evenemang och mässor, läsa de senaste från dryckesindustrin och sist men inte minst skriva och ta del av tastenotes.

Vårt mål och ambition är att erbjuda alla whiskyentusiaster runt om i Norden en plats att samlas kring och dela erfarenheter.

Bli medlem nu!