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Internationella whiskynyheter

Här kan ni läsa alla de viktigaste nyheterna från hela världen!

Irish single malt 1990 (Whisky Agency The Whisky Exchange)


Recently The Whisky Exchange partnered with The Whisky Agency to release five joint bottlings, only available through TWE:



imageIrish single malt 27 yo 1990 (51,3%, The Whisky Agency & The Whisky Exchange 2017, bourbon barrel, 150 btl.)

Nose: slightly warmer than 1989, with a bit more vanilla cake and marshmallow aromas. Honey, apricots, dried pineapple...

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Timorous Beastie 18 Year Old Review

Today’s review is the forth and latest release under the ‘Timorous Beastie’ label from Douglas Laing, the Timorous Beastie 18 Year Old that was released last maj. We’ll review this today and next week we’ll check out both the 21 year old and the 40 year old that were released last year.

Timorous Beastie is Douglas Laing label for highlands blended malt. In this case, It’s a vatting of whiskies from Blair Athol, Dalmore,  Glengoyne and Glen Garioch. A quite large batch of 7258 bottles was produced with a bit of an uneven pricing where it’s noticeably cheaper in mainland...

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Kentucky Owl Is Definitely Building A Distillery

News broke in september that SPI Group—which owns the Kentucky Owl brand of bourbon and rye—was eyeing property in Bardstown, Kentucky , and now the company’s U.S. arm, Stoli Group, has confirmed plans to build a distillery there. The 420-acre site at Cedar Creek Quarry will be called “Kentucky Owl Park” and will be home to a distillery with a capacity of 1.5 million proof gallons and an elaborate visitor experience. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2018, with whiskey production slated to begin by 2020. This will be Bardstown’s sixth distillery, joining nearby Heaven Hill , Barton 1792...

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The Best New Whiskies To Taste At WhiskyFest New York 2017

There will be no shortage of drams at WhiskyFest New York— over 480 different whiskies will be poured (download the app to have the full list at your fingertips). We have guides to the can’t-miss scotch , bourbon , and craft whiskey picks at the event—plus a guide for planning how to make the most of your evening and tips for picking the right seminar for you .

If your goal is to try the newest whisky releases, we can help you there too. Many brands bring their latest and greatest releases to WhiskyFest New York, and some even make...

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Lagavulin 8 Year Old, English Single Malt More New Whisky

There is a lot of new whisky this week, but the biggest release has been out for a while. Lagavulin 8 year old first debuted in 2016 as a special edition whisky celebrating the distillery’s 200th anniversary. It has now officially been added to the Lagavulin range permanently, joining the 16 year old and Distiller’s Edition.

While more bourbon will soon be made in Bardstown at Kentucky Owl Park , this week’s new bourbons all come from outside the state. Virginia’s A. Smith Bowman is releasing a $40 port-finished bourbon as part of its permanent lineup. Isaac Bowman Straight Bourbon...

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In Their Own Words – Malcolm Waring, distillery manager, Old Pulteney

Malcolm Waring is the distillery manager at Old Pulteney , until recently the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland. He tells us how Old Pulteney got its name, his reaction to winning the most coveted award in the whisky world, and his approach to whisky-making.


Malcolm Waring, distillery manager at Old Pulteney

The distillery is named after Sir William Johnstone Pulteney who was quite a vocal guy. People would go round saying “Did you hear that Old Pulteney was talking about this and that?”’

‘When we won the top award in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible – well, Jim...

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Omar single malt (Sherry cask)

Nantou distillery is in Taiwan. It’s owned by the state-run TTL corporation which had a monopoly on all tobacco and alcohol products until 2002. Nantou only started producing Maltwhisky in 2008, using malted barley shipped in from Scotland, and only from oktober to april when temperatures are lower.



imageOmar single malt ‘Sherry cask’ (46%, OB +/- 2016)

Nose: rather light and elegant. Juicy fruit compote at the centre (red apples, apricots, citrus). Some vanilla custard, as well as raisins, almonds and rosehip tea. Just a hint of chocolate in the background. Mouth: bittersweet and a bit thin...

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Kilchoman Red Wine Cask


Distilled in 2012, the Kilchoman Red Wine Cask is not just a finishing – it spent its entire life in wine casks from the Douro Valley in Portugal. It follows Port, Madeira and Sauternes matured expressions released annually by the distillery since 2014. It is bottled at 50%, slightly more than their typical 46%.



imageKilchoman ‘Red Wine Cask’ 2012 (50%, OB 2017, 7000 btl.)

Nose: quite a buttery version, with brioche, hints of red berry tartlets and sweet pears. Lots of cold ashes as well as some punchy oak. Liquorice and rose pepper. Vanilla in the background. Light...

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Assorted Duets

Signatory Supreme (43%, Signatory, vatted malt, 500 bottles, 1997) - Blended Malt 23 yo 1993/2017 (53.6%, The Thompson Brothers & Barman?s Choice, cask #17, 318 bottles) - Myagikyo ?Moscatel Wood Finish? (46%, OB, 2017) - Yoichi ?Moscatel Wood Finish? (46%, OB, 2017) - Highland Park ?Sheil? (48.1%, OB, Keystone Series, 1200 bottles) - Highland Park 25 yo 1976/2013 (46%, First Cask) - Springbank 21 yo 1995/2017 (45.8%, Copper Monument, sherry hogshead, cask #470) - Springbank 30 yo 1967/1997 (52%, Blackadder, cask #1561)...

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Neisson to the bone

Neisson ?XO Full Proof? (54.2%, OB, Martinique, agricole, 2017) - Neisson 2005/2014 (43%, OB, Martinique, agricole) - Neisson 2004/2015 (45.4%, OB for LMdW, Martinique, agricole) - Neisson 2003/2012 (43.1%, OB, Martinique, agricole, 207 bottles) - Neisson 1997/2012 (44.7%, OB for Velier and LMdW, Martinique, agricole, single cask) - Neisson 1995/2014 (48%, OB for Velier and LMdW, Martinique, agricole, single cask, 290 bottles) - Neisson 18 yo 1994/2012 (43.6%, OB, Martinique, agricole, single cask, 1000 bottles) - Neisson 1993/2012 ?Hors d?Age? (46.3%, OB, Martinique, agricole, decanter) - Neisson 1992/2012 ?Hors d?Age? (49.2%, OB, Martinique, agricole, decanter, 790 bottles) - Neisson...

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A wild bunch of new whiskies

Glen Spey 1987/2017 ?Dunes An Oir? (41%, Malts of Scotland for Van Zuylen 50th anniversary, cask #MoS 17042, 183 bottles) - Domaine des Hautes Glaces 2012/2017 ?Ampelos? (54%, OB, single malt, France, 272 bottles) - Ardnamurchan 2017/AD (53.6%, OB, malt spirit) - Bealach Ruadh 8 yo (58%, Chorlton Whisky, Islay single malt, hogshead, 2017) - Box 2013/2016 ?Ungrare? (63.3%, OB, Private Cask, Sweden, cask #470/2013)...

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A Guide To Craft Whiskey At WhiskyFest New York 2017

WhiskyFest is celebrating its 20th anniversary in New York on november 16th, and, with over 110 tables pouring nearly 500 different whiskies, it’s going to be quite the celebration. As always, Scotch and bourbon lovers will find plenty to enjoy. Plus, craft distillers from around the United States will be sharing their unique and exciting whiskeys at WhiskyFest. Craft whiskey is incredibly diverse and constantly changing, and even longtime fans will find new drams to try. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start—this guide offers tips for making the most of all of WhiskyFest’s craft whiskeys. (You can...

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For Veterans, Distilling is a New Way to Serve

Whiskey distillers come from all walks of life, including the armed services. And for many veterans, making whiskey isn’t just a passion—it’s a way to use skills gained during their service, to employ their brothers and sisters in arms, and to give back to their communities. “Transitioning veterans need a good support system, especially if they are battling disability or PTSD,” explains Jason Justice, founder of Justice Label Distillery in Sinton, Texas.

A PTSD sufferer himself, Justice understands the importance of such support. He currently employs three veterans part-time. “I have had success placing these individuals into roles that they...

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How to Pair Whisky and Steak

Few meals are as primally pleasing to prepare as steak cooked on the grill. Summer is when countless Americans get in touch with their inner Neanderthal, carefully choosing the cut, thickness, and age of steaks for a meal of flame-cooked flesh. Whisky, of course, makes a natural partner with flavors of smoke and char, but as it turns out, creating the perfect pairing of whisky and steak requires a little more inspection than you might first think.

“The provenance of the beef is more important than the cut,” says Danny McCallum, chef at Toronto’s premier steakhouse, Jacobs & Co. “While...

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Lost whisky distilleries of Scotland: our picks

While there are hundreds of lost distilleries dotting the countryside north of the border, it’s rare to find whisky from any that closed before the 1980s. And if you do, it’s often more a collector’s item than something you’d open and drink. Here are some of the most popular closed distilleries whose whiskies you can still get your hands on:

Port Ellen


The Port Ellen warehouses: pretty much all that remains of the distillery today

The biggest name in the world of lost distillers. It closed in 1983 without much fanfare, its buildings demolished or repurposed as part of the...

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Glenburgie 1993 (Cadenhead)

Claret wine casks are not exactly my preferred type of casks for whisky maturation. But sometimes they deliver a very nice result. Enter this Glenburgie 1993 from Cadenhead’s .

It was distilled in september 1993, filled into a bourbon cask and transferred to a refill Claret cask in 2008 before being bottled in Autumn 2017.



imageGlenburgie 24 yo 1993 (53%, Cadenhead’s Cask Strength 2017, refill Claret cask, 216 btl.)

Nose: bright, aromatic and sweet. Cut apples, hints of berries and peaches. Hints of grapes as well, but other than that the wine influence is very subtle. Pineapple sweets....

Läs mer https://www.whiskynotes.be/2017/glenburgie/glenburgie-1993-cadenhead/


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