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Arran ‘The Bothy’ Quarter Cask (Batch #3)

Almost 3 years I reviewed the first batch of Arran ‘The Bothy’ which is Arran’s offering of a young yet fast matured cask strength whisky to the masses. It’s matured 1st Fill American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels before a legnthy finish in small (Quarter size) casks.

This third batch was bottled a year ago in september 2017 at 53.2%. 13,800 bottles were circulated from this batch and some are still available although the majority of the Arran ‘The Bothy’ bottles in the markets are from the 4th batch.

Arran ‘The Bothy’ Quarter Cask Batch #3 (53.2%, £46 / €44.95 )

imageNose :...

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Manchester United Is Getting Its Own Special Chivas Regal

Championship celebrations often call for beer and champagne (and goggles), but for the 50th anniversary of a legendary soccer win, Chivas Regal is rolling out a highly collectible and rare whisky. Chivas The Icon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition will commemorate Manchester United’s 1968 European Cup victory, in which they became the first English club to take the tournament, beating Benfica 4 goals to 1. The whisky, a special blend for the brand, will be bottled at 43% and is the oldest Chivas ever released.

The limited-edition whiskey will consist of only four bottles, one for each United goal scored, each...

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Pie-Inspired Whisky Cocktails Make A Perfect Dessert

It’s officially pie season—when we highlight the best flavors of fall by mixing fruits or nuts with spices and baking it all between buttery, flaky crusts. These same flavors work surprisingly well mixed with whisky and served in a glass.

“The flavors from pies are great inspirations for drinks such as the Old-Fashioned because bourbon extracts a lot of nuances from the wood barrels, such as spice notes, vanilla, caramel, and dried fruits,” says Pamela Wiznitzer, creative director at New York City’s Seamstress bar.

Here, four popular pies—apple crumb, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato—inspire cocktails that are balanced, never sweet,...

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10 Highest-Scoring Whiskies From the Fall 2018 Buying Guide

There’s something for everyone in the ten highest-scoring whiskies from our Fall 2018 Buying Guide, which covers new releases and old favorites from Scotland, the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Japan, and beyond. If you’ve got plenty of money to spend, then go for the very old stuff: Dalmore 45 year old, Canadian Club 41 year old, Royal Salute 28 year old, or Gelston’s 25 year old Irish single malt. Feeling less flush? Try the latest Booker’s  bourbon, Knob Creek Cask Strength rye, a new whisky from Forty Creek , and the newest Noble Collection release from Crown Royal . If you’re...

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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Vermouth

Remember a time when devotees of the Manhattan had few options when it came to choosing a vermouth to stir with their whiskey? An era when Martinis were mixed so dry that it mattered little what was misted on top? Vermouth, a wine fortified with distilled spirits, was once a sleepy mixer gathering dust on the shelf. Thanks to the rebirth of cocktail culture, those days are over.

More Than Manhattans: Try These Whisky-Vermouth Cocktails

Born in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy in the 16th century or even earlier, vermouth was originally used to make medicinal herbs more palatable....

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Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection More New Whisky

There’s a new whisky for just about every taste this week, from bourbon and Tennessee whiskey to an array of peated and non-peated scotches.

Jack Daniel’s is rolling out its latest single barrel, a limited-edition whiskey that was aged in so-called “heritage” barrels made in a 19th-century style with more toasting and a lighter char. Priced at $65 a bottle, just 200 barrels are being bottled.

Woodford Reserve has announced plans to release not one, but two Master’s Collection whiskeys this year: Select American Oak, a bourbon aged in Ozark oak barrels, and Oat Grain, a bourbon made with—you guessed...

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Glendronach 15yo Revival Returns!

Since Glendronach 15yo Revival was withdrawn from the market in 2015, it’s been a rather long three years, hasn’t it? Unless you were willing to part with a rather silly sum of money at auction for a bottle (ca. £140-170 before commission), you either had to settle for the 12yo, or trade yourself up to [...]...

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Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood Returns!

Just yesterday we were celebrating the return of Glendronach 15yo Revival, and now here we are celebrating the return of another expression to a core line up, this time from Glendronach’s sister distillery, Benriach. Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood has been produce using three styles of sherry cask maturation; full sherry cask maturation, combined with Pedro [...]...

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Glendronach Forgue 10yo

I tell you what, Rachel Barrie doesn’t sit around twiddling her thumbs, does she? Having reintroduced Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood and Glendronach 15yo Revival back into their respective core ranges, Glendronach’s Master Blender has now spearheaded Glendronach’s first foray into the Global Travel Retail market. Glendronach Forgue 10yo, so named after the valley in the [...]...

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My First Whisky Show

Last weekend marked The Whisky Exchange’s 10 th annual Whisky Show . I went along for, rather shamefully, the first time – and had my preconceptions utterly annihilated.


InchDairnie’s Ian Palmer and Dave Broom manning a stand at the Future Trends Lab.

The first – perhaps point-of-this-post-defeating – statement I’d like to make, is that The Whisky Show 2018 was excellent fun. It would be easy to get bogged down in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the show; in analysis and deduction and to make grand, sweeping statements about the state of whisky today. There’s value in...

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GlenDronach 1993 (cask #55 vs. #445)

Here are the two 1993 casks from Batch 16 of the GlenDronach single cask releases .

As you know GlenDronach is nowadays merely mentioning sherry butt on most of the labels, whereas this used to be specified as Oloroso or Pedro Ximénez. This can mean two things: either they don’t know (which would be surprising as they have mentioned it for other casks filled on the exact same date) or there was some re-racking involved (not uncommon at The GlenDronach). Or they simply don’t want to tell us, which would be sad.

We’ll start with cask #445 filled in februari...

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Tomatin Wood / Tomatin Fire

Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal. These five elements are at the core of whisky making and they make up the Tomatin Five Virtues series launched in 2017. All NAS releases at 46%.

Tomatin Wood is drawn from a combination of 70% French oak, 20% American oak and 10% Hungarian oak, representative of the many varieties of the 177.000 casks they hold in their 14 warehouses. The spirit was distilled between 1999 and 2006.

Tomatin Fire was matured in heavily charred casks, stimulating new, fresh vanilla flavours. The casks were filled in 2005.



imageTomatin Wood (46%, OB ‘Five Virtues’...

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Caperdonich 1995 (Master of Malt)

The last time I reviewed a Caperdonich was back in 2013… Not that I didn’t get to try any, but somehow recent releases were always disappointing if (like me) you ‘grew up’ with Caperdonich 1972. And you know, prices for lost distillery bottlings are rising through the roof these days.

Here’s a new Caperdonich 1995 , a single cask bottling for Master of Malt .



imageCaperdonich 22 yo 1995 (59,2%, Master of Malt 2018, bourbon cask)

Nose: starts on flinty notes and lots of pipe tobacco, sunflower oil and fresh barley. Walnuts and hazelnuts. After a while there...

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Longmorn 1961 Twins (Gordon MacPhail)


Stuart and Richard Urquhart, the managers of Gordon & MacPhail , are identical twins. That makes it extra special that today they are launching ‘Twin’ Longmorn 1961 whiskies, the oldest Longmorn single malts ever released. A great opportunity to taste a piece of Scotland’s liquid history.

Both are first-fill sherry hogsheads filled 2nd Februrary 1961 and bottled exactly the same day in 2018 at cask strength: European oak cask #508 bottled at 45% ABV and American oak cask #512 bottled at 40.8% ABV. Sold as a pair, with only 97 sets of decanters available.

Each set will be priced £...

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New: The Whisky Show bottlings // Karuizawa for LMdW // Tomatin 30 Years


Speyside Malt 1973 / Irish Malt 1989

The Whisky Exchange have just released two *very* interesting bottles:

Both are Whisky Agency bottlings exclusive to TWE. We’ve seen very similar releases before, all excellent (check this or this ), so we have high hopes. Expect a review next week.




The Whisky Show 2018 – show bottlings

In its tenth edition, The Whisky Show celebrates the Future of Whisky theme with three limited editions:

  • Ben Nevis 21 Years (47.5%,...

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Online Whisky People!

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TasteNote är en mötesplats för whisky-intresserade. Här kan du träffa nya vänner, läsa om whiskynyheter, hitta olika whisky-evenemang och mässor, läsa de senaste från dryckesindustrin och sist men inte minst skriva och ta del av tastenotes.

Vårt mål och ambition är att erbjuda alla whiskyentusiaster runt om i Norden en plats att samlas kring och dela erfarenheter.

Bli medlem nu!