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Blair Athol 23yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

I hope you’re ready. We’ve got a helluva week coming up. After reviewing Lagavulin 12yo, Caol Ila 18yo, Collectivum XXVIII, Teaninich 17yo and Glen Elgin 18yo, things move up a notch this week as we work through the second half of this year’s Diageo Special Releases. We start today with Blair Athol 23yo before reviewing [...]...

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Port Dundas 52yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

From Blair Athol yesterday, we head into closed distillery territory for the remainder of the week as we conclude this year’s Diageo Special Releases reviews. The first of four releases from closed distilleries takes us to Port Dundas, which was situated on the north side of Glasgow. Established in 1811, it went on to become [...]...

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Convalmore 32yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

I’m not going to lie, after yesterday’s shenanigans with Port Dundas, this Convalmore has a lot to live up to. We’ve moved back to Speyside today, and to a distillery which still exists in body, but perhaps not spirit. Situated on the outskirts of William Grant & Sons’ Glenfiddich/Balvenie/Kininvie complex, the remnants of Convalmore can [...]...

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Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Where there is access to good barley, and good water, good beer and good whisky should follow. For both, patience, and a good business sense are required. Business needs ideas, an ability to be flexible at the right time, while sticking to your convictions. This business sense came across talking to the founder of Spirit [...]...

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Brora 34yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

What a week it’s been so far. And things don’t let up much at all… today we taste this year’s Brora Special Release. I’m a bit of a Brora fan boy, if I’m honest, and a visit to the distillery earlier this year only served to ensure I look at whisky from this distillery through [...]...

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Port Ellen 37yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

Well done. You’ve made it. Today marks the tenth, and final, review of this year’s Diageo Special Releases. We started last Monday with Lagavulin 12yo, and worked our way through Caol Ila 18yo, Collectivum XXVIII, Teaninich 17yo, Glen Elgin 18yo, Blair Athol 23yo, Port Dundas 52yo, Convalmore 32yo and Brora 34yo. We end our series [...]...

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Glen Elgin 18yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

Wrapping up the first week of the Diageo 2017 Special Releases reviews is an 18yo Glen Elgin matured entirely in ex-bodega European oak butts. Not a bad way to start a Friday, and certainly not a bad way to lead us into next week’s line-up which consists of Blair Athol 23yo, Port Dundas 52yo, Convalmore [...]...

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Port Ellen Brora to be resurrected… and a Lagavulin 12yo review.

So, this article was supposed to begin at the point below the dashes. And then I received the following press release at 9am this morning: “Port Ellen and Brora, two of the most revered ‘lost’ distilleries in the global spirits industry, are to be brought back to life in a powerful statement of confidence in [...]...

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Caol Ila 18yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

Well, thanks very much Diageo. Trying to torpedo my nicely constructed fortnight of reviews of your 2017 Special Releases by announcing you’re going to reopen Brora and Port Ellen?! Jerks. In all seriousness, that’s the biggest news to come out of the industry for a long long time, and it certainly caused the digital Twit-book-agram-osphere [...]...

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Collectivum XXVIII – Diageo Special Releases 2017

A blended malt? In the Special Releases? What?! It’s true. This is the first time something other than a single malt or single grain whisky has made an appearance in the Special Releases. Containing whisky from all 28 of Diageo’s active malt distilleries, this a first for the collection. Commenting on this year’s Special Releases, [...]...

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Teaninich 17yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

The fourth whisky to be explored from Diageo 2017 Special Releases is Teaninich, which this year is celebrating its 200th anniversary. Established in 1817 (in case you can’t do the maths) by ‘Blind’ Captain Hugh Munro, it went through a series of ownerships in the 1800s before being absorbed into the DCL stable in 1933. [...]...

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Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage

I love a trip to the cinema. It’s literally the only time I eat popcorn and Maltesers… at the same time. Try it. Honestly, it’s a taste sensation. Oh, and blue slush puppies. Helluva combination… but I digress. Hitting cinemas a fortnight or so ago, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the first film to have [...]...

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Tomatin Cù Bòcan 2006

Since the introduction of the peated Tomatin Cù Bòcan series back in 2013, several different expressions and vintages have been released, from NAS and mid-noughties vintages all the way though to distillates from the late 1980s. The most recent release is a 10 year old, consisting of whisky distilled in 2006. 50% seems to be [...]...

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The Edinburgh Whisky Blog Book Club

“Jason! Move away frae there with your book. Your fireside tartan isnae gonna get any better if ye’ lie there like that!” Those words, bellowed from the hallway, was one of the sentences that defined my childhood. I’d be lying there on the fake sheepskin rug in our living room whilst my two little brothers [...]...

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Clynelish 10yo – Hedges Butler

You maj have seen from our social media channels recently that we were at Maltstock, a brilliantly geeky and super-chilled whisky festival held on the outskirts of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Amongst all the other frivolities (and there were many) that weekend, there was a raffle which I was coerced into buying a few tickets [...]...

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Inchmoan 12yo 1992 Vintage

A couple of months ago I touched on just how varied the distillation processes and styles of spirit produced at Loch Lomond Distillery are. With pot stills, so-called ‘straight necked pot stills’ (Lomond stills?) and continuous stills, this distillery has the ability to produce quite a range of flavours and characteristics in both it’s malt [...]...

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Unlocking Scotland’s Distilleries By Train

It’s rush hour at Waverley station and somehow I am actually feeling quite composed. Perhaps it’s because I’m not running the usual 7 and a half minutes behind where I should be, as is the norm. Perhaps it’s because I’ve already located the platform I need to head to without too much hassle. Or perhaps [...]...

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Glenmorangie Astar Returns!

After an absence of almost a decade, Glenmorangie Astar has returned! I remember the first time I tasted Astar, way back in 2008 not long after it was launched. I’d tasted the Glenmorangie 10yo Original and thought Astar (Gaelic for ‘journey’) was the Original on steroids. Genetically identical, but hit with a huge blast of [...]...

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