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Tullibardine The Murray marsala Cask Finish

Tullibardine have continued apace with adding another expression to their Marquess Collection with the release of the marsala Cask Finish. Just a few months ago they released a Châteauneuf-du-Pape cask finish, which wasn’t quite to my taste (wine finishes aren’t quite my thing) but having sampled a number of marsala-influenced whiskies in the last 12-18 [...]...

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GreatDrams Single Cask Series: Craigellachie Invergordon

If you read this pokey wee whisky blog then there’s every chance you’ll also read Greg Dillon’s hugely comprehensive GreatDrams website. Greg and I first met electronically when he commented on an article I posted nearly six years ago, when I toured Glenfiddich as part of a stag do; he was on the lookout for [...]...

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Aberfeldy Madeira Cask 16yo 21yo

If you’ve passed through Duty Free recently you maj have noticed two new, and rather exciting, additions to the Aberfeldy shelves. Aberfeldy have released a 16 year old and a 21 year old which have both been finished for up to 12 months in two types of Madeira casks; Malmsey and Bual. Commenting on the [...]...

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Glendronach Grandeur Batch 10

It seems like there isn’t a month goes by without a new release from Brown Forman: Glenglassaugh Octaves Batch 2, Glendronach 10yo Forgue, 15yo Revival and Cask Strength Batch 7, and Benriach 10yo Triple Distilled, 12yo Sherry Wood and Single Cask Batch 15 have all been released in the past few months. This month, Glendronach Grandeur [...]...

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Bruichladdich Octomore 9 Dialogos

Octomore. No other word strikes as much fear into the heart of a peat-o-phobe as much as this one. Bruichladdich’s super heavy-peated spirit has been run through the stills since 2002, and we’re now on to the ninth series of the range. As with previous batches, Bruichladdich are all about transparency and detail to the [...]...

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Distell Limited Releases 2018 – Deanston, Tobermory Bunnahabhain

We’re all familiar with the Diageo Special Releases, yes? This annual, limited edition, ten-expression-strong line up is one of the most anticipated events of the year, as whisky lovers all over the world wait to see what goodies will be bottled from Diageo’s vast inventory. Distell look to have done something similar themselves, with the [...]...

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The Glenrothes Soleo Collection

There’s been a bit of a shake up at The Glenrothes recently – gone are the vintages and in come regular age statements. I quite like the whole ‘vintage’ notion; to me it subconsciously emphasises the passage of time and reinforces the painstaking nature of waiting for whisky to mature and reach its peak. Picking [...]...

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Duncan Taylor – The Octave Collection

Following on from my review of AD Rattray’s ‘The Octave Project’, we have another of these ‘before and after’ experiments to get our teeth into today. Although, I shouldn’t really call it an experiment. The guys at Duncan Taylor have been finishing whisky in octaves for over forty five years, and have arguably been doing [...]...

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Royal Salute 21yo Beach Polo Edition

Do you know your chukkas from your mallets? Or your divot stomping from your ride offs? Then read on my friend, for this article is going to be right up your tailshot… I’m talking about polo, of course, and in particular the long standing relationship between this centuries old, horseback, royalty-attracting sport and the Royal [...]...

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Benromach Château Cissac Bordeaux Wood Finish 2010

That’s a lot of words for the title of whisky, but in reality it’s actually quite straight forward. The folks at Benromach have expanded their Wood Finish portfolio by releasing a new expression, the Château Cissac Bordeaux Wood Finish 2010. This whisky will sit alongside the Hermitage and Sassicaia wood finishes, with a previous version [...]...

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Glenfiddich Fire Cane

Glenfiddich have released the fourth instalment of their Experimental Series, Fire & Cane. This whisky follows on from IPA, Project XX and Winter Storm, each of which showcased a bold and unique side to the distillery. Fire & Cane combines peated and unpeated whisky which has initially been matured in ex-bourbon casks, before being finished [...]...

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Glenglassaugh Octaves Batch 2

Are octaves en vogue at the moment? Duncan Taylor have added new expressions to their Octave Collection, AD Rattray have started their Octave Project, and now Glenglassaugh have released the second batch of their Octave range. Unfamiliar with octaves? They’re essentially tiny little 65-ish litre casks, which allow for rapid maturation due to the increased [...]...

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Glendronach 15yo Revival Returns!

Since Glendronach 15yo Revival was withdrawn from the market in 2015, it’s been a rather long three years, hasn’t it? Unless you were willing to part with a rather silly sum of money at auction for a bottle (ca. £140-170 before commission), you either had to settle for the 12yo, or trade yourself up to [...]...

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Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood Returns!

Just yesterday we were celebrating the return of Glendronach 15yo Revival, and now here we are celebrating the return of another expression to a core line up, this time from Glendronach’s sister distillery, Benriach. Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood has been produce using three styles of sherry cask maturation; full sherry cask maturation, combined with Pedro [...]...

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Glendronach Forgue 10yo

I tell you what, Rachel Barrie doesn’t sit around twiddling her thumbs, does she? Having reintroduced Benriach 12yo Sherry Wood and Glendronach 15yo Revival back into their respective core ranges, Glendronach’s Master Blender has now spearheaded Glendronach’s first foray into the Global Travel Retail market. Glendronach Forgue 10yo, so named after the valley in the [...]...

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Old Pulteney Huddart, 15yo 18yo

I don’t think anyone could quite believe it when Old Pulteney discontinued their highly acclaimed, award winning 21 year old expression. I actually know someone who audibly gasped at the news, became wide-eyed with incredulity, and then had to sit down for a few moments to collect themselves *cough, cough* The Drinks Lady *cough, cough* [...]...

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Lakes Distillery – Steel Bonnets

A world first on Edinburgh Whisky Blog today! Well, not really. But kind of. Steel Bonnets is a blended malt with a difference – it’s the first blended malt to be composed of both Scottish and English Maltwhisky (the English component unsurprisingly comes from the Lakes Distillery). There’s a lot of story and marketing [...]...

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