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Glendronach Batch 16 – a trio of drams

Every few months since mid-2009, Glendronach have released a new batch of single cask bottlings. Each batch is more hotly anticipated than the last, given the distillery’s now-rock solid reputation for producing stellar heavily-sherried whiskies. Many fans were concerned, quite rightly, that a change in ownership from Billy Walker and co at the Benriach Distillery [...]...

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Wemyss Malts Nectar Grove

A quick dram for you all this Easter Monday. Wemyss Malts, those single cask extraordinaires from Fife, have released a blended malt with a difference. Purportedly bursting with notes reminiscent of a ripe fruit grove, the whisky is aptly called Nectar Grove and is comprised exclusively of Highland malt whiskies which have been blended together [...]...

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Benriach Triple Cask Matured Cask Strength Batch 2

It’s quite a mouthful isn’t it? *That’s what she said* Yeah, yeah, very funny. In all seriousness though, what is this second batch of triple cask matured whisky from Benriach which has been bottled at cask strength? Let’s break it down. Triple cask matured: matured in three types of cask. D’uh. These are bourbon barrels, [...]...

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#BalblairLive – brand new 2005, 2000 1991 Vintages from Balblair

A few weeks ago I took part in my first ever Facebook Live event – imagine a cross between a regular whisky tasting, where you physically turn up to a venue in person and speak to other real life human beings face to face, and a tweet tasting, where a bunch of whisky nerds get [...]...

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Glenmorangie Spìos

Another year, another Glenmorangie Private Edition. I’ve rather enjoyed the recent Private Editions – Bacalta and Milsean – and I have no reason to expect anything will change here. Dr. Bill Lumsden, ‘Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks’ at Glenmorangie Plc, has really pushed the envelope here. Those familiar with Bill know he [...]...

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Glendronach Grandeur Batch 9

What a few weeks it’s been. From hosting tastings for Heriot-Watt University’s Maltwhisky Society and Edinburgh Napier University’s Whisky Society, to taking part in #BalblairLive, Balblair’s online Facebook launch of three expressions, to attending the Whisky Show Old & Rare in Glasgow, februari just flew past. Now that I’ve been snowed in for a [...]...

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Midleton Very Rare 2017

So, after the deep, dark Glendronach earlier in the week, the next sample waiting to be tasted is something quite the opposite. Midleton Very Rare is heralded as the pinnacle of luxury Irish Whiskey, and the latest release has been matured entirely in ex-bourbon casks. As the brain child of Midleton distiller emeritus Barry Crockett, [...]...

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Cambus 1991 25yo ‘Bottled for Edinburgh’

In the middle of last year, I was invited along to a very special tasting with Jonny McMillan, the assistant spirits buyer at Berry Bros & Rudd. Actually, it wasn’t so much of a tutored tasting, more of an in-depth cask sample analysis session with the who’s-who of Edinburgh’s whisky retailers and on-trade outlets. Those [...]...

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Speyburn 15yo

After years of perceived neglect, Inverhouse Distillers have revitalised the Speyburn brand somewhat, with a tummy tuck, a minor facelift, and the odd botox injection here and there. The new branding is quite sleek and unfussy, and the new 15 year old has been causing a bit of chatter in various whisky circles. I agree [...]...

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Green Spot Chateau Montelena

januari is a struggle. There’s no denying it. Those heady, festive, and seemingly endless, days around Christmas and New Year where having a gin and tonic and a mince pie for brunch is totally acceptable (just me…?) are long gone. The cruel reality of getting ‘back to normal’ and getting ‘back into a routine’ hits [...]...

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Glenglassaugh Wood Finishes

After new releases at Glendronach and Benriach, it seems only right that Glenglassaugh, the final one of the triplets in the Brown-Forman family, releases something new. Or four somethings new, actually. The Glenglassaugh Wood Finishes series is a limited release collection consisting of a Pedro Ximinez Sherry Wood Finish, Port Wood Finish, Peated Virgin Oak [...]...

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Tullibardine The Murray 2005

Tullibardine have added a second expression to their Marquess Collection; The Murray 2005 vintage. The collection was launched last year with a 2004 vintage, and this year’s addition follows in a similar vein; 12 years old, cask strength and matured entirely in first fill ex-bourbon casks. Tullibardine whiskies have always been very hit or miss [...]...

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Christmas Competition with Shackleton Whisky!

Oh how we love to bask in the spotlight of altruism. We simply can’t help it sometimes. The season of goodwill is upon us and the Christmas spirits are flowing through us; mainly whisky with the odd splash of gin and touch of dry vermouth (who doesn’t love a cheeky martini now and again?). But [...]...

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Glendronach Peated Port Wood

Peated. Port wood. Glendronach. Four words I got quite excited about when they were strung together in the same phrase a little while ago. Glendronach have released a peated port matured whisky, taking inspiration from an ‘old style’ of whisky making; using barley dried with Highland peat coupled with the 19th Century practice of importing [...]...

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Jura One And All

Jura have released a limited edition 20 year old whisky, which has been chosen by the distillery workers to celebrate the community spirit on the island, and has therefore been aptly named ‘One And All’. It’s not your typical Jura whisky, or even single Maltwhisky for that matter, having been matured in ex-bourbon barrels, [...]...

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Glenturret Cask 100 Peated Drummond Edition

A smoky Glenturret… at cask strength… wha…?! You bet. The ‘Peated Drummond Edition’ takes its name from the distillery founders, John and Hugh Drummond, who signed an agreement in 1775(ish) with the neighbouring Ochtertyre estate in order to be able to use the estate’s peat in order to dry the distillery’s barley. This whisky was [...]...

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Kilchoman 2009 Vintage Red Wine Cask

Kilchoman have released two new whiskies in the past couple of months, both peated to 50ppm; one is their oldest whisky to date, and one has spent its entire life in ex-red wine casks. A rather interesting duo, I’m sure you’ll agree. The 2009 Vintage was bottled earlier this year as an 8 year old [...]...

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Blair Athol 23yo – Diageo Special Releases 2017

I hope you’re ready. We’ve got a helluva week coming up. After reviewing Lagavulin 12yo, Caol Ila 18yo, Collectivum XXVIII, Teaninich 17yo and Glen Elgin 18yo, things move up a notch this week as we work through the second half of this year’s Diageo Special Releases. We start today with Blair Athol 23yo before reviewing [...]...

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