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Glentauchers 2005 (Archives)

I tried a 3yo Glentauchers bottled for Càrn Mòr and I thought it was rather promising. Now a cask from the same period has been bottled in the Archives series, a Glentauchers 2005 .


Glentauchers 2005 (Archives)Glentauchers 7 yo 2005
(52,5%, Archives ‘Fishes of Samoa’ 2013, sherry butt #900392, 167 btl.)

Nose: gristy at first, but it becomes sweeter and fruitier over time. Oranges, raisins and tinned pineapple. Red apples. Still youngish (hints of cake, muesli and pear drops) but again quite nice. Rather creamy too, with some almond cream. Soft cinnamon and buttery fudge in the background. Mouth: malty and...

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Young Laphroaig and very young Laphroaig

Laphroaig 'An Cuan Mor' (48%, OB, travel retail, 2013) - Laphroaig 6 yo 2006/2012 (46%, Coopers Choice, hogshead, cask ##4361) - Laphroaig 6 yo 2006/2013 (57.8%, Single Cask Nation, refill hogshead, cask #119, 269 bottles) - Laphroaig 12 yo 2000/2013 (51.7%, The Perfect Dram, refill sherry) - Laphroaig 15 yo 1998/2013 (52.7%, The Whisky Agency, refill hogshead, 261 bottles)...

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Convalmore 36 Year Old 1977

Convalmore distillery is located in Dufftown and it has been mothballed since 1985. Although it was owned by DCL (later Diageo) until the end, the site is now part of William Grant & Sons, who use it as a warehouse for Glenfiddich and Balvenie whisky.

Diageo now released this European refill cask matured Convalmore 1977 . It rounds off our series of reviews from the Diageo Special Releases 2013 . Yes, they can keep the Port Ellen, thank you.


Convalmore 36 Years 1977Convalmore 36 yo 1977
(58%, OB 2013, 2980 btl.)

Nose: fairly restrained, even a little quiet, considering its alcohol volume....

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New or newish Glenrothes from NAS to 1988

Glenrothes 'Elder's Reserve' (43%, OB, Manse Brae series, travel retail, 2013) - Glenrothes 'Minister's Reserve' (43%, OB, Manse Brae series, travel retail, 2013) - Glenrothes 2001/2013 (43%, OB) - Glenrothes-Glenlivet 18 yo 1994/2013 (46%, Cadenhead) - Glenrothes 18 yo 1995/2013 (46%, Signatory, Un-Chillfiltered Collection, first fill sherry butt, cask #6175, 784 bottles) - Glenrothes 25 yo 1988/2013 (47.2%, Sansibar, bourbon cask) - Glenrothes 25 yo 1988/2013 (53%, Archives, refill sherry hogshead, cask #7318, 213 bottles) - Glenrothes 22 yo 1990/2012 (50,7%, Maltbarn, sherry cask, 151 bottles) - Majid Bekkas...

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Laphroaig 1998 (Signatory for TastToe)

After the Kavalan , here’s another bottling for TastToe , this time a joint bottling with Drankenshop Broekmans , both shops related to The Nectar . It’s a Laphroaig 1998 from the Signatory stocks.


Laphroaig 1998 (Signatory for TastToe)Laphroaig 15 yo 1998
(57,4%, Signatory Vintage for TastToe & Broekmans 2013, hogshead #5570, 300 btl.)

Nose: this nose achieves a very nice balance between peatiness, coastalness and roundness. It’s very warm, with soot and ambering ashes. A little vanilla, camhor, honey, hot sand… A little candy sugar and marzipan as well. Hints of leather. Round, complex, just excellent. Mouth: slightly hot, but very impressive again. Deep...

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Glen Grant 1959/1960 (G&M)

This Glen Grant is part of the 1959/1960 mini-series by Gordon & MacPhail to commemorate the marriage of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson. We’ve tried the matching GlenDronach a couple of weeks ago and there’s more to come from the same series.


Glen Grant 1959/1960 (G&M)Glen Grant 1959/1960
(40%, Gordon & MacPhail 1986, Royal Wedding)

Nose: great fruity notes alongside waxy notes (a combination that we love in Glen Grant). Oranges, mango, hints of pineapple and tangerine. Quite a bit of smoke (not peat smoke, but the kind of subtle hint of smoke that was common for that era). Some mint and...

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Bruichladdich’s Duncan McGillivray — In 140 Or Less

Author - Caroline DewarAnother in our occasional series of Tweet-style interviews. Here’s Bruichladdich general manager Duncan MacGillivray, who was interviewed just before Christmas.

What’s the view from your office window?

Out across Loch Indaal to Bowmore. Nice view of Bruichladdich pier too.

Better than mine, even if it is my garden. What season of weather is it today, given it could be any one of four on Islay?

It’s rather grey and unusually calm, late autumn. Damp, but not wet.

What’s going on at the distillery today?

We’re distilling Octomore spirit. The last mashes before the Christmas break. Then we will have a maintenance...

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Oban 21 Year Old

The last Oban I’ve tried was like three years ago. It’s not a distillery which makes a lot of noise. This Oban 21 Years , a natural cask strength version, was matured in rejuvenated American Oak and second-fill ex-Bodega casks.


Oban 21 YearsOban 21 yo
(58,5%, OB 2013, 2860 btl.)

Nose: nice sweet toffee and buttery pastry notes at first. Honey. majbe sugarcane. Then going towards waxy notes, grasses and finally also full-blown coastal notes like dried seaweed. Some leafy notes and mint. Hints of linseed oil and cinnamon as well. A great maritime nose, nicely balanced with sweetness. Mouth: again...

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My barrel-shaped glass in crysta

A little bag of Tomatin

Tomatin 'Legacy' (43%, OB, 2013) - Tomatin 8 yo (58.6%, Jack Wiebers, World of Orchids, bourbon cask, 119 bottles, 2013) - Tomatin 25 yo 1988/2013 (49.7%, The Whisky Agency, The Perfect Dram, hogshead, 304 bottles) - Tomatin 1991/2013 (51%, OB, T.S.M.C., oloroso sherry butt, cask #31742, 667 bottles) - Tomatin 35 yo 1979/2013 (44.1%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, 594 bottles) - Tomatin 36 yo 1976/2012 (50.7%, Maltbarn, sherry butt)...

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The 2013 Whiskyfun Music Awards and three Yoichi

Yoichi 1989/2012 (60%, OB for LMDW, recharged hogshead, cask #202393, 148 bottles) - Yoichi 1988/2013 (62%, OB for LMDW, new butt, cask #100215, 427 bottles) - Yoichi 25 yo 1983/2009 (58.9%, Scotch Maltwhisky Society, Japanese oak, #116.15, 'Not peat for peat?s sake', 169 bottles)...

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The whisky year 2013

The whisky year 2013

Happy New Year to everyone!

When looking at last year’s statistics, it has been a good year for this little blog. An increase of 28% in terms of unique visitors and almost twice the number of page views (well over 2 million now).

GlenDronach is the most popular distillery again, with Ardbeg now in second place. Among the specific drams, after four years, Laphroaig Triple Wood has lost some of its popularity, and Johnnie Walker ‘The Gold Route’ is now the most visited review (by far), followed by Ardbeg Galileo and Glenmorangie Ealanta . The Johnnie Walker Red Label vs....

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