Octomore 8.3 Masterclass Review

After being a bit distracted by the Old Pulteney 2004 we’re back at some more Octomores and today we’re checking Octomore 8.3.

Unlike Octomore 8.1 and Octomore 8.2, Octomore 8.3 is only 5 year old which is more or less in line with previous Octomore generations. The barley was grown in a single field at Octomore farm (Bruichladdich Distillery neighbors) and 56% of the whisky was matured in ex-Bourbon casks and 44% matured in European oak casks. 18,000 bottles at 61.2% were produced.

The 309 PPM (Phenols per million) figure for Octomore 8.3 is mightly impressive, and probably holds the unofficial...

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Golan Heights Distillery Golani Brandy Finish Review

Yesterday we celebrated our 70th Independence day and with such a round nice number our lively local whisky scene didn’t kept quiet. The Golan Heights Distillery released a special limited anniversary edition of their two grain whisky Golani that was finished in a Brandy cask.

The Golani spirit spent 2.5 years in red wine cask (like the regular Golani Vino) and then 50 liters were finished in a 50L cask which held Brandy (distilled at the distillery) for another 6 months. 70 bottles were released to the market bottled at 49.7%.

Golan Heights Distillery Golani Brandy Finish (49.7%, 250NIS/~€57 )...


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No Brora and Port Ellen in Special Releases 2018 Announcement

This morning Diageo announced 9 out of 10 bottles of their Special Releases 2018. For the first time ever since the SP series was launched, there are no Port Ellen and Brora bottles in the list.

Instead we see four bottles destined to the regular consumers market. In addition to Lagavulin 12 CS and Caol Ila  15 Unpeated, we have a Cask Strength 8 Year Old Talisker and 14 Year Old Singleton.

The tenth bottle will be revealed later this year and the series bottles will probably be will during oktober 2018.


The current SP 2018 list:

  • CARSEBRIDGE 48 year...

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Octomore 8.2 Masterclass Review

I reviewed Octomore 8.1 last week but I can’t really stop here so let’s head on to the next one in the series – Octomore 8.2.

Just like Octomore 8.1, it’s 100% Scottish barley peated to 167 ppm level and carries an 8 year old age statement.

The x.2 suffix in the series is reserved for wine maturation or finish, but this year it’s kind of extreme as the casks composition is complex. At first, the Octomore spirit spent six years in one of three different types of wine casks (all second fill casks):

  • French Mourvedre
  • Austrian sweet wines
  • French...

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Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask #128 (TWE Exclusive) Review

Whenever The Whisky Exchange has a new single cask exclusive it is quite a thrill. Usually Sukhinder Singh does his magic and conjure some uniqe and good (or interesting at least) cask. I had my issues with their last Kilchoman exclusive but this time he actually managed to get Old Pulteney Distillery to bottle him a sherried Old Pulteney.

How rare is it? I can’t recall any fully matured sherried Old Pulteney from the last few years besides this one and the LMDW bottling. and to boot – this single cask is a first fill sherry cask (a sherry butt...

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The GlenAllachie core line up is revealed

Earlier this month the first official bottlings from the Speyside based GlenAllachie distillery were launched – a series of six single casks bottlings from 1991, 1990, 1989 and 1978 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the distillery.

We knew it’s only a precursor to the real deal – a standard core line up is to be established and we know from the distillery website to expect 10, 12, 15, 18 and 25 year old expressions. But now we have more solid information on those expressions, thanks to the new labels that popped up at the Federal Database.

Based on the...

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The Balvenie Peated Triple Cask 14 Year Old (Travel Retail) Review

Last oktober I reviewed the Balvenie Peat Week 2002 14 Year Old which I quite liked but I neglected to review its sibling Peated Triple Cask 14 Year Old which is an exclusive offering for Travel Retail market so it’s time to fix that.

The Balvenie Peated Triple Cask 14 was matured in three (hence the Triple brand) different cask types: first it was matured in first-fill bourbon, then in refill bourbon and finally in sherry casks.

Let’s check it out and see how it compares to the Peat Week 2002.

The Balvenie Peated Triple Cask 14 Year Old (48.3%, £71.79...

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Octomore 8.1 Masterclass (Scottish Barley) Review

Currently we’re having here a short spell of rainy days and a bit colder weather (unfortunately just a bit) which is refreshing to have in april after yet another too dry winter. Let’s use the occasion to check out a heavily peated whisky, Bruichladdich Octomore 8.1.

This Octomore 8.1 is peated to 167 ppm level, was d istilled in 2008 using only Scottish barley. The casks used for this expressions are all  first fill american oak casks. According to Bruichladdich casks from Buffalo Trace, Clermont Springs, Four Roses, Heaven Hill & Jack Daniels were used here and the long list...

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Glenfiddich Experimental Series 04 Is Fire Cane

The label for the forth installment in Glenfiddich Experimental series has popped up in TTB database and is called Fire & Cane .

This is a peated Glenfiddich spirit (most likely 22 ppm) that was finished in Rum casks (like the 21 Year Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish). This label partially surprised me as I expected a PX finish to be #04 but I not truly surprised from the appearance of a peated Glenfiddich in the series as I predicted it following the visit of Struan Grant Ralph, Glenfiddich Ambassador, a few months ago (See my in depth review of...

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The Duchess Belize 2007 10 Year Old (Travellers Distillery) Review

We’re in the midst of Passover holiday which means no whisky for me at the moment so let’s explore something else today – Rum.

It’s been ages since I reviewed Rum on the blog, but I explore Rum in my local (and great) Rum club and even have a few rum bottles at home. A while ago I got a surprise in the mail – a Rum sample from a Nils, a Dutch friend who also also operates as an independent bottler, bottling Whisky and Rum under ‘The Duchess’ brand name.

It’s their second Rum release, a 10 year old...

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Glengoyne 30 Year Old Review

After I reviewed Glengoyne 25 yesterday for the International Whisky Day, I really had to raise the bar today so let’s check out Glengoyne 30 Year Old which was released a few months ago.

Glengoyne 30 Year old is a vatting of ~33% first fill European oak sherry butts and ~66% refill sherry butts (split the remaining 1% between them…). It’s un-chill filtered, natural colored and  6000 bottles were made to the public at RRP of £600.

Glengoyne 30 Year Old (46.8%, £539.94 / €588,95  )

imageNose : Old sherry, sherry vinegar and balsamic vinegar, dried fruit, milk chocolate. Lots of sherry fruits...

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Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Batch OL0816 61.3% Review

It’s been close to four years since I last tried Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso. I tried it when it first came out to the market and I didn’t like it much back then. But since 2014 there were more batches and not only those bottled at 48% for Travel Retail market but also some that are bottled at cask strength.

Since Nadurra Oloroso Cask Strength OL0816 (bottled 08/2016) was available at the recent Whisky Live 2018 in Tel-Aviv, it was time I’ll grab a dram at the Glenlivet stand and check it out.

Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Batch OL0816 (61.3%, £42.90 /...

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Glenmorangie Astar 2017 Review

Glenmorangie Astar (Gaelic for “journey”) was first released back in 2008. Casks from oak growing in Missouri Ozark mountains which are slow growing variant were used to mature this whisky. Such casks aren’t very common (and some would say they are scarce), couple that with the fact that Dr. Lumsden isn’t too much in favor of cask strength releases, and you can understand why it took lots of public demand and additional 9 years to get together another edition.

The 2017 Astar was bottled at 52.5% (far below the 57.1% strength of the 2008 edition), isn’t chill filtered and comes...

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Glengoyne 25 Year Old Review

Happy International Whisky Day!

The International whisky day event in which you are compelled to raise a dram (or two), was created in honor of British writer  Michael Jackson , born on  27 mars 1942, who wrote a few prominent whisky books and was a very influential whisky writer for newspapers until he died in 2007.

In honor of his memory and this day, I’ve decided to review Glengoyne 25 year old. It was released to market back in 2014 and it carries a 25 years old age statement. I like the facts it was bottled in 48% and without...

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Glenglassaugh Peated Wood Finishes – Virgin Oak and Port – Review

This review is the sequel to yesterday’s post. Yesterday we covered the 2 unpeated wood finishes from Glenglassaugh distillery and today we’ll check out the two peated expressions in the Glenglassaugh wood finishes series.

There’s a virgin oak finish and a Port wood finish which piqued my interest as I reviewed the Glendronach (sibling distillery) Peated Port finish only last week and as far as I could see, they have the same color too, so I was interested to see what difference there is between the two.

Glenglassaugh Peated Virgin Oak Wood Finish (46%, £59.95 / €44.49 )

imageNose :...

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Glenglassaugh Wood Finishes – Port and PX Sherry – Review

Glenglassaugh distillery is the quiet little sibling in the Glendronach/BenRiach/Glenglassaugh group which was bought by Forman Brown back in 2016.

Billy Walker and BenRiach Distillery bought Glenglassaugh back in 2013 and except for a small burst of releases in the first 2 years after the acquisition (Revival, Evolution and Torfa), we didn’t any new releases from the spirit distilled after the distillery was revived until the new wood finishes releases late 2017.

There were four releases in total, two unpeated expressions and two peated expressions, all finished in different casks, all bottled at 46%.

Today we’ll check the tow unpeated expressions...

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Tomatin Cu Bocan 2006 Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from Tomatin Distillery so let’s check out their latest peated whisky, Cu Bocan 2006 which was released last fall.

Cu Bocan 2006 is vatting of sherry and bourbon casks from 2006, so the whisky is 10 or 11 year old. It was bottled at 50% and 12,000 bottles were made available around the world.

Tomatin Cù Bòcan 2006 (50%,  £49.45 / €56.50 )

imageNose : Malty, subtle honey and then sweet peat. Feels light and fresh and after a few minutes, bread and cookies dough, a bit of vanilla, weak pears and...

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Golan Heights Distillery Golani Black Cask #24 (For Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018) Review

Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018 is happening right now and along the new Milk and Honey release  there’s another new release – a new single cask offering from Golan Heights Distillery. It’s a new cask (number #24) of Golani Black (distilled mash of malted barley and wheat), matured for 37 months in a virgin American oak cask.

This time, there’s a real nice touch to the release – it’s a “bottle your own” offering as you actually fill the bottle from the cask during the show. Real cool thing!

Like with previous Golan Heights Distillery releases, it’s a non chill filtered...

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Milk and Honey Experimental Cask #2 (Lightly Peated) Review

Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018 is starting tomorrow. I already reviewed  the special show bottling (a 37 yo Port Ellen) , but there are a few more interesting new releases for the Whisky Live show and the first one is the second single Maltwhisky from Milk and Honey Distillery.

The Milk and Honey distillery released their first single Maltwhisky in 2017 and now the distillery releases it’s second one for Whisky Live 2018, both whiskies bottled by the distillery under the Experimental casks series brand.

What are those experimental casks? It’s quite simple. A few casks were distilled back...

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